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In summary

Elverdam Law Firm is a specialized law firm with a profound heritage rooted in rural Denmark, a prominent presence in Copenhagen, and a distinct international profile - all influenced by the result-driven focus of world-class athletes.

Behind Elverdam Law Firm stands a dedicated partnership of skilled attorneys, renowned and respected for their distinctive expertise in areas such as corporate law, M&A, real estate, agriculture, private wealth, and sports. Moreover, we excel in providing outsourced legal core competencies.

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including world-class athletes, businesses, and private families. Our commercial clients span a broad spectrum, ranging from prominent international corporations to Danish financial institutions, trading and industrial companies, as well as innovative growth-oriented ventures spanning across various sectors.

Discover our specialized areas of practice

Traditions since 1868

Elverdam Law Firm's roots extend back to 1868 when it was initially founded in Faxe. In 1944, the first generation of Elverdam attorneys joined the firm, and now, three generations later, we stand as one of Denmark's oldest and most innovative legal practices.

Counseling the elite

Since 2004, we've been supporting Danish athletes, and we take immense pride in our humble contributions to their numerous personal triumphs, medals, and world records achieved over the years.

From the provinces to Manhattan

We combine exceptional quality and professional expertise with the grounded sensibility that many recognize and value from the provinces. Our aim is to provide the best of both worlds, prioritizing attentiveness and genuine engagement.

Our driving force

At Elverdam Law Firm, our commitment goes beyond offering transparent guidance, clear counsel, and astute strategies. It is about making a meaningful impact. We draw daily inspiration from interactions with others, especially those who are fueled by passion. We are proud and privileged to have accompanied several of Denmark's greatest athletes on their journeys, contributing in our own modest way to their achievements, determination, and results. Additionally, we take pride in utilizing our expertise to assist various charitable initiatives and organizations. Making a positive impact and contributing to a brighter future — that is our unwavering motivation.

“Integrity and lofty ambitions are key values shared by both Team Denmark and Elverdam Advokater. We have an exceptional collaboration, working together to support the athletes, enabling them to compete for Denmark.”

CEO Peter Fabrin, Team Danmark

“Dreams ignite the fire – and one must dare to dream!”

Chairman Brian Holm, La Flamme Rouge