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Private assets

Planning provides security for your private wealth

Private assets

At Elverdam Law Firm, we assist with the planning and management of your personal wealth and property. Our expertise encompasses areas such as estates, wills, prenuptial agreements, gifts, and generational transfers. We advise on the creation and modification of wills and prenuptial agreements, ensuring your desires and interests are upheld.

We host a team of authorized estate administrators who handle estates on a daily basis and assist you in efficiently managing inheritance settlement. The same applies to guidance on gifts, including conditional gifts and contributions to charitable causes.

Lastly, we aid you in planning and executing generational transfers, ensuring that property and wealth are passed to the next generation in accordance with your wishes and applicable laws. As a member of Danske Arveretsadvokater, we ensure we are always equipped with the latest knowledge, thereby qualified to provide you with the best advice in this field.

Among our areas of expertise are...
  • Estates
  • Family gifts
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Successions
  • Wills