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Employment law & HR

With qualified counsel, we take care of each other

Employment law & HR

Both employers and employees experience more and increasingly complex employment-related conflicts each year. It is a rapidly evolving legal field where qualified advice demands specialists. At Elverdam Law Firm, employment law is given high priority, and through advisory agreements with both companies and interest organizations, a substantial volume of tasks are managed to ensure the necessary expertise.

We are experts in personnel matters and address individual tasks for both companies and organizations on a daily basis. We attain the necessary insight into the company's specific circumstances to prevent conflicts in the future. We craft tailored employment contracts and personnel handbooks and, with in-depth understanding, promptly and efficiently contribute to the formulation of relevant agreements. Our expertise includes employment relationships, collective agreements, conflict resolution, discrimination, labor disputes, and GDPR. We assist our clients in entering into and negotiating employment contracts, ensuring their interests are safeguarded throughout the hiring process. Additionally, we provide counsel on leave and maternity, structuring warnings, terminations, dismissals, and renegotiations of employment terms.

As attorneys, our duty is to guide our clients through this intricate domain, and as members of Danske Ansættelsesadvokater, we ensure that we are always equipped with the latest knowledge, thereby qualified to provide the best advice in the field.

Among our areas of expertise are...
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Employment and labor disputes
  • Employment contracts
  • HR strategy and planning
  • Personnel regulations and policies
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave