The history of Elverdam Law Firm dates back to 1868 when the firm was established in the town of Faxe in the south east of Zealand. In 1944 the first generation of the Elverdam family entered the firm and now - three generations later - the company is one of the most innovative and modern law firms in Denmark. Our headquarters are located in Haslev while our front office opened in 2018 in Copenhagen.

In 2007, we were nominated for the Danish Law Firms Innovation Award and we were ranked as one of the six most forward-thinking law firms in Denmark. 2010 was even better as we were nominated once again and awarded several silver medals. We were, in fact, the only firm located outside of Copenhagen to be nominated. We are both proud and humbled to take to be recognized for our work in the industry.

Recently, we launched our business plan for 2016. With the assistance of Olympic rowing legend Eskild Ebbesen we combine business objectives with our employees' physical fitness. We believe that healthy people are the most content and productive. In this state they are better able to make their best effort. We are convinced we can maximize the potential of our team both inside and outside of the office, when we help them achieve their individual physical and personal goals.