The Danish former professional cyclist and current sports director, Brian Holm, initiated the establishment of La Flamme Rouge - a charity association to support cancer focusing on sports as the power to survive in life. Many volunteers stand behind the project including Elverdam Law Firm which now houses the La Flamme Rouge office

- It is a great honor to make an effort for the many people who fight against this horrible disease.
Jakob Juul Christensen, Deputy Chairman in La Flamme Rouge

The term 'La Flamme Rouge' originates from the world of cycling and describes the last tough kilometer in a race. The name was an obvious choice for Brian Holm, who has won the battle against cancer. La Flamme Rouge com-bines financial support to cancer patients with sporting activities as part of the healing and rehabilitation phase. La Flamme Rouge receives donations and profits from the sale of high-end cycling and sports clothing.

- I wanted to use sport to raise money for cancer patients and I wanted to provide inspiration to make that extra effort it takes to win the battle against cancer.
Brian Holm

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