In February 2014, the Danish adaptive learning company Area9 was sold to the U.S. publisher McGraw-Hill Education. The acquisition was among the largest IT sales for many years in Denmark. It was particularly exciting because it contained the transfer of a revolutionary product and technology that is transformative to the education and success of many students. This is especially for students struggling to advance.

For many years Elverdam Law Firm has served as legal counsel to The Area9 Group which, in addition to being located at Holmen in Copenhagen, has its principal place of business in the United States.

The cooperation between Area9 and Elverdam Law Firm has been the starting point for our continuing development of integrating legal services with our customer’s primary business needs.

The McGraw-Hill Education acquisition of Area9 was handled in close collaboration between a unique legal team from both the U.S. and Denmark.

”Elverdam Law Firm assume 360 degrees of responsibility for the daily management - exactly as if we had in-house legal counsel.
Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, Chairman Area9 Group

Foto: AREA9